My Sister Lulu and Me by Traci Dunham


my sister lulu and meMy Sister Lulu and Me 
by Traci Dunham

About this book

Through this heartwarming story children will learn that God makes everyone uniquely special. Travel with Lulu and her sister through everyday life and discover what makes their bond strong. A great story to educate and open up a dialogue with young children about acceptance of others who are different and are disabled.


Lulu was a uniquely special sister because she had a handicap, and because of that, she wasn’t able to do the things most children can do. She couldn’t learn as quickly as other children. But she still had just as much fun as any other child. Lulu enjoys going to the park to play, going to the beach. She likes eating the same things every day, and her family rides her in a special chair when going somewhere. Even though Lulu is different, she and her sister love each other, and enjoy doing things together.

This is such a special book for children to read. I’ve always enjoyed reading books about children with special needs because they teach other children how to interact and be friends with them. The sister in this story reminds me of my sweet seven year old niece, because when Abbi sees a special needs child, she always approaches them with love and kindness, spending time with them, making them feel accepted. I love how the sister ‘My Sister Lulu and Me’ makes her sister feel loved and accepted. This is so much needed today, especially with all of the bullying that goes on among kids. Author Traci Dunham does an excellent job of writing this story in a way that children can understand more clearly about a special needs child and how to act around them.

And I have to mention the illustrations in this book. They are awesome, filled with vivid color, making each page pop out at you when you turn the pages. I especially love the characters adorable faces. ‘My Sister Lulu and Me’ is truly a special book, and beautiful inside and out. Every child needs to read this book!


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