Faith Builders Bible, NIrV


Faith Builders Bible, NIrV

faith builders bible
A new NIrV Bible for kids 6-10 that follows the popular brick-building trend.

The Faith Builders Bible, NIrV uses the popularity of brick-building pieces to engage children with the Word of God. Includes 24 full-color pages of illustrations plus the complete New International Reader’s Version (NIrV) of the Bible (from Genesis to Revelation) in a very readable, 9-point font size.


My Thoughts!

This is a little bit different Bible than I’ve reviewed previously, with the legos type picture on the front as well as throughout the Bible. The NIrV is like the NIV, only its the readers version. It has 24 double sided pages with Bible scenes made from Legos, some of which are, Noah, The Nativity, Jesus Walks on the Water and so many more! And there is a Building Block Verse of each of these pages as well. All in all, it is a pretty neat Bible for kids, though I do think it would be for the older kids, because the font is smaller than a lot of kids Bible fonts, and not so easy to read for little ones just starting to read.

I rec’d this Bible from BookLook Bloggers and Zondervan to read and review. The opinions here are mine alone.




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