The Trees Have Hearts by Mrs. D



Have you ever moved to a new place and felt all alone because you had no friends? That’s what this beautiful book is about. This young girl was not only new with no friends, she couldn’t speak the language of those in her new hometown. This girl finds comfort in the beautiful garden at her new home, the mysterious wind becoming her first imaginary friend. As she spends time in the garden, the trees begin to talk to her, and these three trees became her friends as well. This leads to a beautiful imaginary world to this young one, helping her cope with the loneliness she faces.


This is a beautiful book for young girls to read, and especially young girls who face loneliness because of being in a new place. They are sure to find peace and encouragement in the special values taught in The Trees Have Hearts. Mrs. D does a wonderful job of reaching out to kids in a unique way in this book. The beautiful trees give warmth and peace as they spread their blooms throughout the garden and into the hearts of those who read this book. The cover is beautiful a appealing, and the illustration and colors throughout the book are adorable, heartwarming and peaceful. Any young girl would want to snatch this book from the shelves to have as their own. I encourage parents of young girls to purchase this one for your child’s library. And even if you haven’t found yourself moving lately, this book can still have a positive impact on your child’s self confidence.


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