Our Little Deer by Sandra Magsamen




Our Little Deer

by Sandra Magsamen



You twinkle, glow, and shine so bright.

You embrace each day with such delight.

Is just the first two pages and lines in this precious little Christmas book. This book, Our Little Deer is talking about your Dear little child. And the verse in this book is so precious and adorable. This is just the Christmas Gift you would want to give to your baby.


Wow, this is one of the cutest little Christmas books I have ever seen. The story is so very adorable, I didn’t want to stop reading it. The words are so very true, and words that you will want to read to your baby over and over throughout the Christmas season. First of all, the front cover is so sweet with the little deer with a heart shaped face. And this sweet deer is featured throughout this book in adorable ways, with each page having a Christmas theme. This is a picture book, so the pages are nice and thick so your child can safely play with it and not rip the pages. It is small, about 6×6 so it will fit in your small child’s hands ok. Our Little Deer is part of the Earesistables collection and you will sure want to check out the other books in this collection. And I can’t leave out the cutest part of the book, the stuffed deer antlers that stick out about the book, secured on the back page. They are adorable and your small child will love this book for these antlers, if for no other reason. This is a must for you Christmas book collection this year!


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