Ranch Hero 2: Moooving Velma…..Written by Janet Green….Illustrated by Linda Cowen


Ranch Hero 2: Moooving Velma

Written by Janet Green

Illustrated by Linda Cowen



Moooving Velma lives on Sneaky Creek Ranch along with Ranch Hero Ziggy, and farm pals Bam Bam and Chubadoo and their cousin Libbi Lou. On this day, Farmer Max was riding his tractor to the back pasture, so the farm pals decided to follow him. That’s when they heard the unusual moooing from Velma. When they found her, she was stuck deep in the mud. Farmer Max checked her out, scratched his head and headed back to the barn. Hero Ziggy is there, but Velma is much too heavy for Ziggy. But when Farmer Max gets back to the mud to help Velma, she is gone. Wow, what happened to their cow? Did she sink further in the mud, or did someone pull this heavy Moo Cow out?


This is a really cute story with the setting on a farm with the cutest farm pals. The dogs have the cutest faces, I just want to grab one of them for my own! The story is interesting and exciting and will have kids on the edge of their seats to see what happens with Velma. The illustrations are very creative and you fall in love with the animals, Farmer Max and his farm while reading this book. The fonts and the colors of the pages are just right for the theme, and everything goes together so well. Since I grew up on a farm, I love farm books for children, and this is one of the cutest ones I’ve ever read. All small children love animals, so this is a book you do not want to pass up!




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