TooToo Goes on a Field Trip… Joyce Mitchell


TooToo Goes on a Field Trip

By Joyce Mitchell




TooToo Goes on a Field Trip is a book for young readers. There is nothing to read, only pictures and a word that goes along with the pictures. There is a picture for just about every letter in the alphabet. TooToo Fish takes small children on an adventurous journey down the river. On this journey they will see animals such as a horse or a turtle, things like eggs and a wagon, food such as an apple and a cherry, and things such as books and a pen, a house and a ring. And this is just a very few things young readers will see on this Field Trip with TooToo the fish. The children will be able to identify the word by the picture they are looking at.


This adorable little book is like a picture book with the words that go along with the pictures. TooToo is just so adorable you will love spending time with your children as they take the journey with this cute little fish. And this is a wonderful way for little ones to learn to recognize words. When they see the picture and the word written out, and say the words over and over, this will help them to soon recognize the word without the picture.  This is such an adorable book, and without a written story, it is difficult to really express just how cute it is. One thing I love about TooToo Goes on a Field Trip is the way my four year-old niece looks at the pictures and creates her own story. So this book is also an awesome way to help give them a good healthy imagination.


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