My Very First Easter Story Sticker Book


My Very First Easter Story Sticker Book


About this book

Here is a story and activity book containing a complete retelling of the Easter story presented in a simple manner for young children to grasp. The stickers are used first to complete the illustrations in the main story. Then there are extra activities on each page alongside the story–counting, naming, identifying–with stickers for each. All of the stickers are found in the center of the book where they are grouped and numbered according to activity to make it easy for young children to find the right sticker.

A fun and interactive way for children to learn the Easter story.


My Thoughts on this book

I love sticker story books for children, and this is why I wanted to review My Very First Easter Story Book. The book is very attractive, with vivid colors and stickers to go along with the story on each page. The story is about the story of Easter, Jesus’ death on the cross and his resurrection from the grave.

The story is simple enough for very small children to understand, and I like that part about this book. But I do wish the author would have explained why Jesus died for us instead of making the remark a number of times that He did this to make the world a better place. Children need the simplicity of the story but they also need to know the actual truth of what the scripture says. For me, when I read the story to my niece, I added the parts left out by the author, but not everyone can or will do that. I hope the next book the author writes she will stay closer to scripture.


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