Lester Lex…Author….Guillermo Piloto, illustrator….Clutter Cut…… Pump Up Your Book!


Lester Lex…Author….Guillermo Piloto, illustrator….Clutter Cut…… Pump Up Your Book!


Clutter Cut, Inc. by Lexter Lex

Illustrated by Guillermo Piloto






guillermo photo

“Ever since I was a little boy I have loved cartoons. It’s not as bad for you as they say, because from them I developed a passion to draw and this is what I now do. And when I’m not drawing I still watch cartoons.” Guillermo Piloto

Find out more about Clutter Cut online at www.silverhousebooks.com/ClutterCutInc.html

Clutter Cut cover


Open Cloot’s door and it’s quite revealing. Clutter, clutter right up to the ceiling. If he hadn’t a roof it would rise to the sky. Will Cloot part with some? He doesn’t see why! One day Cloot’s dad peers into his room to see a mountain of unused toys. Together they form Clutter Cut, Inc. and get a box ready to be filled. Cloot spends hours in a jam though— which toys will go and which ones will stay. There’s nothing great about giving toys away— or is there…?


Clutter Cut, Inc. by Lexter Lex

Illustrated by Guillermo Piloto


“Clutter Cut,” Inc is about Cloot, a little boy who just has too many toys. They were everywhere. It was impossible to get around in his room because it was full of toys. He had toys outside, in the shed, everywhere you looked there was toys. Cloot’s dad gave him an idea to give some of his toys away to other’s, maybe children who need something to cheer them, but Cloot wanted to keep them for himself. But as his dad encouraged him, Cloot listened, and thus thought of the name Clutter Cut, Inc. Read this book to find out what Clutter Cut, Inc. is and what they did to help other children in their community.


I love this adorable book, teaching children to share what they have with others. This would be a great idea for children everywhere to take on. I love the graphics inside the book, making the piles of toys obvious, and needing some help getting cleaned up.


The only disappointment with this book is the front cover. Where the illustrations on the cover are adorable and fit the name of the book perfectly, it is impossible to make out the name of the book. The only way I did was when I saw the name on the back of the book, I turned it over and figured it out. The name of the book should be readable at first glance. I even like how they displayed the name, it just needs something to make it stand out more.


That said, all in all, this is a wonderful book, and I really like the lesson it teaches children about giving their own things to help others. I encourage you to grab a copy of this cute book and read it to your child.


This book was provided by PUYB for me to read and review. I was not required or expected to write a positive review. The opinions in this review are mine only.


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  1. So glad you enjoyed this one. I thought it was adorable too. Actually, I had read it before I knew it was going on tour. It was great to have a chance to promote it. Thanks for the review.

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