A Christmas Secret Virtual Book Publicity Tour


A Christmas Secret Virtual Book Publicity Tour

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A Christmas Secret

by: Candace Hall

Virtual Book Publicity Tour


A Christmas Secret


A Christmas Secret

Join Candace Hall, author of the children’s book, A Christmas Secret (Tate Publishing), as she virtually tours the blogosphere October 3 – 28 2011 on her first virtual book tour with Pump Up Your Book!

About Candace Hall

Candace HallWho would have thought a California girl would grow up to love the magic of a snowy Christmas and the mysteries of the North Pole. The scent of pine needles fills the air as the sleepy eyes of six small children begin to open. Then it begins “The Great Race.” Who will get to the presents first? The sounds of wrapping paper tearing, children laughing, and toys strewn everywhere. This was Christmas Day for Candace Hall’s family in Los Angeles, California. There were no snowflakes and Santa led a parade down Hollywood Blvd. As time passed and growing up continued, sunny California was left behind, Texas became home and there was snow at Christmas.

There were no empty hours in a day to begin writing, even though Candace’s pen had touched a page or two, no real stories began to unfold until her health forced me to retire. It was then that real life experiences and her love of Christmas and a special black kitten turned into “A Christmas Secret.”

Writing has now become Candace’s passion and with the help of the good Lord there will be more stories and adventures to be shared.

Candace’s latest book is a delightful holiday children’s book called A Christmas Secret.

You can visit her website at www.candacehallbooks.com.  You can also connect with Candace on Twitter at www.twitter.com/HallCandace.


About A Christmas Secret

A Christmas SecretWhen Santa’s reindeer discover a lost kitten named O’Malley, they have no choice but to rescue him and bring him back to the North Pole.  Soon all the residents of the North Pole are doing their part to save O’Malley, including Broome, the head Elf, and Wilma the mouse.  Because only those who were born in the the North Pole can live there, everyone decides to keep O’Malley a secret–until O’Malley goes missing.  Will O’Malley be able to stay in the North Pole?  What will Santa think about  ‘A Christmas Secret’?

Book Excerpt:

“Far below, amidst all the snow, was a tiny black figure. Try as it might, it could not move through the snow…”

My Thoughts

A Christmas Secret by Candace Hall

In this cute little book, all of Santa’s reindeer are excited that it is Christmas Eve and they are about to begin their journey of the year. On their Christmas Eve journey with Santa, the reindeer find a unique surprise at one of the houses. On the mailbox the name said O’Malley. They take care of this little surprise, and go on to finish delivering their Christmas gifts to all of the boys and girls, then head back to the North Pole. And then the reindeer get the surprise, the secret they were keeping from Santa followed them to the North Pole. Oh, what were they going to do?

This is such a cute and sweet story, but I didn’t want to give any of it away and spoil the book! The book is only 32 pages, a small book and wonderful to read to your children on Christmas Eve. The snowy Christmas cover is inviting and captures the interest of young readers. The story is so well written to make it fun and enjoyable to read. I really just can’t say enough about this small book. It will sure be a hit for your Christmas Eve night to add to the real meaning of Christmas, the story of Jesus’ birth.

This book was provided by PUYB blog tours. I was not expected to give a positive review, only an honest one. The opinions in this review are mine only.

A Christmas Secret

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