The Littlest Ant by Hank Wall Illustrated by Cookie Richardso


The Littlest Ant by Hank Wall Illustrated by Cookie Richardson

The Littlest Ant  by  Hank Wall
Illustrated by Cookie Richardson

The littlest ant lived in his ant palace with many brothers and sisters. One day a bad wind storm came and blew down their ant palace and it blew the littlest ant far away from her family. She was so sad, so she started walking to look for her family. As she walked, she asks for help from a sparrow, a frog, and a cricket, but they didn’t want to help her find her home and family. Finally she was so tired she laid down and fell asleep. She woke up to a wonderful sunny morning and she wasn’t afraid or alone anymore. The storm had left many others sad and alone and trying to find their homes. So what do you think happened to The Littlest Ant? Will she find her way back to her family, and if so will they have their ant palace to live in again?

This is a sweet story about a happy ant family who loves each other very much. The story teaches young readers to be happy, content and love one another. It also teaches readers to be willing to help someone in need.  I like the way the author shows the different attitudes in helping someone and not helping someone, having the ant face both.  This is a very nice hardcover book with wonderful bright pictures that will sure capture the attention of any young reader. My best critic is my 2 year old niece. I read it to her a few times, now she brings it to me saying ‘read me ants’, or she will say she wants to read ‘ants’. She will flip through the book making up her own story with the pictures. She loves this book!

You can’t go wrong with this precious book. I recommend it for both the young reader that cannot yet read, and also to the young reader that can read the words for themselves.


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